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July 3, 2012
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Convergence- EDI - Mass Effect 3 by Hidrico Convergence- EDI - Mass Effect 3 by Hidrico
“I am…alive” -EDI

I’ve been wanting to do an EDI fanart with Tricia Helfer's face since I knew “she” will get a body in Mass Effect 3. Galactica fans will know why ;)

While I was doing it, the Extended Cut come out, and totally loved the Synthesis ending epilogue with EDI’s speech. It was perfect for the concept I had, so I added a few things, like the blue/green color schemes and circuits. Hope you like it!

This is a mixture of 3D posing the model with Xnalara, photography edition and painting. You can see images of the creation process on my facebook page:
Hidrico Photography Facebook Page

Circuit stock thanks to: [link]

Character from videogame Mass Effect, belongs to Bioware ©

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It's been a few years since art school, so bear with me in my first dA critique.

In this image EDI has been rendered with obvious care. The smooth textures of her arms and legs balance nicely with the wires and circuits of her neck and torso. The colouring overall is very impressive with its clean lines and use of lights. Background is interesting while not distracting, the colour scheme complimenting the image’s tech theme.

The flesh tone in EDI’s face and the green circuits do a good job suggesting the balance between man and machine, though it might have been nice to see a bit more of it, perhaps on her hands.

Overall, anatomy wise, she looks good. I understand you used a modelling program, which I have no problem with. I do find the angle of the eyes a little steep, though this detail hardly disrupts the image as a whole. Also, the folded left leg is a little distracting and appears broken at the knee, but this is only due to the muscle lines of the thigh which don’t suggest any twist of the leg. However, this is EDI, and she really doesn't have any muscles, so one could argue her knee doesn't bend like a human's would.

These are small criticisms as the overall piece is quite stunning and the skill involved apparent. Nice job!
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Ok Im going to sound a bit Biased here. Simply because I absolutely LOVE EDI. She's the embodiment of what I love about the multi choices in Mass Effect. One decision will kill her and all synthetics, another binds her to you.
Your art has captured her being brought online in marvelous fashion. The muted and brilliant colors stand out especially/ The Shimmer of her synthetic skin, and the high gloss is captured well. Another good thing I like about this is the curves you've endowed her with. The arch in her back, her internal circuitry and and the grace in her arms.
Even here she looks feminine, ladylike, and soft. Kudos on this piece I hope there are more like it. Keep her curves and colors.

EDI is the Modern day Metroplois fembot.
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leloup144 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
S-O-G-A Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Awesome work.
fishbone76 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
That's amazing :wow: I love the connected cables.
Combine605 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
It's kind of interesting. This picture gives a better understanding on how EDI would seem in reality. As if you were there. Many things just seem different in games compared to reality.

Only certain pictures (fanart) apparently only give a better understanding on how things could be. You really see the "synth" factor in this one. Quite scary, if you ask me.

I think in reality EDI (mobile platform anyway) would creep me out. Reminds me a bit of Shodan, that look.
mrwashu12 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
sexy strong Edi very nice
techgi19 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Use me jeff, you know your way around your a damn good pilot, now SHUTTLE MY COCK!! :S
sweetsirin22 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Great transformation.
Ezeikel77 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Perfect just perfect
Hidrico Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for all the coments!!
Ezeikel77 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome they are all well deserved XD
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